Friday, May 20, 2016

Tips for Getting a Good Night Sleep

With water and oxygen, sleep is also a major necessity to live a healthy and long life. It does a miracle to restore us after a long and hectic day and to prepare us for the next day to do some incredible tasks. Sleep helps in revitalizing both body and brain. If we do not sleep well even for a single day, it causes fatigue and makes us inactive. Having enough sleep is essential for our overall health.  

However, many people find it difficult to have a good sleep overnight due to work pressure, family problems, life challenges etc. Although, we can’t avoid the unexpected situation in our life but we can adopt some measures that would help us sleep better.

Below are several tips that will help you maintaining a good sleeping routine and make you feel fresh and energetic in the morning:

Make a Sleep Schedule: Give priority to your rest time and create a fixed time schedule for sleeping and waking up. You must have a long sleep of at least nine hours a day.

Have Light Dinner: Don’t eat too much in the evening and eat at least three hours before your sleep time.

Power Off: Turn off all the lights before going to bed and stay away from your smartphones during bedtime as it can hurt your sleep.

Use a Leg Pillow: If you are suffering from back pain then do not sleep on your back and place a pillow between your legs as this will give you relief and less disturb your long and peaceful sleep.

Check your Mattress and Pillow: Examine if your mattress and pillow are comfortable enough to give a long and peaceful sleep. Also, if your mattress is quite older, buy a new mattress. You should replace your mattress after every 8-10 years and pillows every year.

Create a Comfortable Room: Create your room in a way that it becomes comfortable for sleeping. A cool, dark room can provide you a long and better sleep.

Physical Activities: Daily exercises and physical workouts can make you sleep much better but do not exercise before your bedtime. If you want to do exercise in the evening you can do it at least three hours before your sleeping time.

Avoid Caffeine in the Afternoon: Having a cup of coffee in the morning is fine but if you drink it in the afternoon it greatly affects your sleep.

Don’t Sleep with your Pets:  Remember pets and human beings have different sleeping habits and style. They can disturb your sleep and also bring different allergies and flues.

Don’t think too much at Night: Leave all your worries for the next day. Thinking about the next day chores at night can make you tensed and it can keep you awake for longer hours at night.

Contact Your Doctor: If you are facing sleepless nights from a long time then you must contact your doctor to determine whether there is any medical issue that is resisting you from a good sleep. 

Hope abovementioned strategies will help you in sleeping better as without a good sleep you can’t expect a healthy lifestyle.